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Modernise Your Business's Heating System with Heat Pumps

Sun Valley Energy provides turnkey solutions for modern space heating systems and process heat. Our expertise lies in the utilization of high-pressure heat pumps and heat recuperation technologies to deliver sustainable heating solutions for businesses of all sizes. We are committed to meeting the unique needs of our customers by offering customized solutions that align with their specific requirements. With our cutting-edge heating solutions, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Sustainable Heating Solutions for Your Business

Efficient and Sustainable Heating Solutions for Businesses: Discover Our Commercial Heat Pumps


Efficient and sustainable space heating solution using heat pumps, providing CO2-free and emission-free heating when powered by renewable energy sources, with low life-cycle costs and the ability to integrate into existing heating systems for businesses.

High temperature heat pumps

Designed to provide efficient heating solutions for commercial and industrial processes The high temperature heat pump up to 150C offers efficient and cost-effective heat production, while reducing CO2 emissions and enabling easy integration with existing processes and applications.

Waste heat recovery

Advanced heat recovery technology to capture and reuse heat from industrial processes, ventilation systems, and other sources of waste heat, reducing energy consumption and operating costs. With its high efficiency and reliability.

Optimize Energy Usage and Reduce Costs

If you are not measuring your energy consumption, then you cannot manage it


Heat Storage

Heat storage systems enable the capture of excess heat generated during periods of low demand and store it for use during peak demand periods, reducing the need for additional energy generation and allowing for more flexible and efficient use of energy.


By modernizing their heating system, a business can save on energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint by upgrading to more energy-efficient equipment, such as high-efficiency boilers, smart thermostats, or renewable energy sources.


Heating as a Service

We offer Heating as a Service (HaaS) where we take full responsibility for your heating needs. By subscribing to our service, you can save on bills while we handle equipment ownership, maintenance, and customer support.

Our offer

Sun Valley Energy offers a range of innovative and sustainable heating solutions, including heat storage, Heating as a Service, and turnkey modernizations of heating networks, to meet customer needs.

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